Have fun with your photos and edit them on the go with iPhone & iPad apps from Pho.to

High quality iOS applications from Pho.to are the best way to enhance your mobile photos, create exciting photo effects and have fun getting your shots!

If you own an Android device, we have a number of cool Android apps, too!

Pho.to Lab

Free photo fun generator in your pocket!

Pho.to Lab boasts more than 500 stylish and fun photo effects that let you easily create:

  • fantastic face photo montages;
  • photo collages;
  • beautifully framed photos;
  • animated photo effects;
  • virtual postcards;
  • phone wallpapers.

Besides sophisticated montages and collage templates, there are plenty of photo filters, artistic effects and borders.

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Visage Lab

Professional beauty laboratory for your photos

Visage Lab features include:

  • fully automatic face retouch;
  • color enhancement;
  • awesome artistic effects.

Remove pimples and wrinkles, outline the eyes and whiten the teeth, with all operations made automatically!

Besides face touch-up, you can apply one of 40+ classy effects to your portrait. Among them are vintage and retro photo effects, different backgrounds, lighting and color filters.

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A must-have app for every selfie lover!

Just like any rear cam photo can't express your feelings, self photos don't usually have any reference to the place you are at. Let your image say it all with phoTWO. It will blend front and rear camera shots into a stunning and ready-to-share collage.


  • create stunning selfie photo collages
  • decorate your portraits with stylish frames
  • use phoTWO as your main camera app. With timer function for rear and front cams
  • inspire friends with your photo stories on all popular social networks
It’s time to turn your selfies into photo stories.


Are you ready to feel rich and famous today?

With CoverCam your photo will finally make it to where it deserves to be - cover pages of World's top magazines. Some folks have to build their careers for decades, undergo plastic surgeries and sell their soul to Satan just to get there.

You only need to download this free app and take a nice photo of yourself, adjusting it in real time. With but one click you'll instantly occupy the covers of your favorite magazines.

Cartoon Face

Animated cartoonish caricatures
in a click!

Point your phone camera at a friend and get a cartoonized caricature with an animated broad smile or a cute wink! That's what an amazingly fun Cartoon Face app does for free!

It allows applying 14 fantastic face morphing effects to portrait photos taken by phone camera or selected from the gallery. See the magic transformation of an ordinary face into a smiling, flirty or surprised caricature or even into an alien or a troll!

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Real-time valentines and romantic frames

Are you in love? Then LoveCam is a must-have app for your iPhone! The app lets you put photos into romantic scenes and spice them up with love-themed frames and effects (hearts, flowers and cute angels) in real time.

You just choose a frame or a montage template, aim the camera at your loved one and snap a photo. Voila - you get a valentine, a beautifully framed picture or a romantic photo montage!


Augment your photo reality!

Make your photo taking experience a lot more fun with FunCam! The app lets you create fun photo montages directly when taking photos with your iPhone. Just choose an effect/montage, aim the camera at a friend (or yourself), snap a photo and be prepared to say WOW! You’ll see your photo frozen in ice, or placed on a dollar bill, or on a wanted dead or alive poster! Then all you need to do is share the fun by posting your results to Twitter or Facebook.

Camera Zoo

Release your inner animal!

Animals are often seen as personifications of certain human traits. Camera Zoo is a fantastic free app which lets you explore this metaphor with a score of professional human to animal montages.

Think your friend is cute and funny like a bunny, powerful and fearless like a gorilla or proud and majestic like a lion? One of Camera Zoo's montages will definitely deliver the message!

Aim your camera at your friend and fit his face into a chosen animal template in real time as you take the photo. Alternatively you can upload a preexisting picture, pick an animal and the app will automatically merge them.