first empathic selfie app

Emolfi is not a usual photo app - we like to call it “the first ever emphatic photo app”. Powered by several AI technology layers, Emolfi identifies the mood of the person portrayed in a headshot and creates a collage that visually expresses the “emotion of the moment”.

This new entertaining way
of self-expression works as follows:


User uploads a facial photo - either selfie or any favorite portrait pic


It takes Artificial Intelligence only a couple of seconds to analyze the photo and identify the dominant emotion


Emolfi outlines and extracts the person’s silhouette (another AI-driven technology) and creates an upgraded photo with effects that fit perfectly and enhance user’s emotions

Mood board mode for those
who are after some extra features

If an emotion in the photo is neutral, Emolfi automatically builds a collage with three different moods and suitable meme-like captions with emojis. So user gets a mood board of four pics with different atmosphere. Triple action!

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